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About Us

My wife Nastassia and I started photographing weddings in 2011. Our love of wedding photography is based on the pure joy we see and feel for the bride and groom and for what a wedding symbolizes—life, love, commitment, and happiness.

I want you to be able to connect with an image, I want it to tell a story, and I want it to be real. Wedding photography is very unique and personal. Photojournalism and storytelling are what brought me into photography. I want to bring you back to that special day, show you things that you couldn't otherwise see, and showcase your wedding day in the best possible way. I want you to love your wedding pictures and proudly share them with your family and friends.

But most of all, we want you to enjoy your wedding day, we know this is a day that will last generations in the hearts of many, most of all yours, and we want you to enjoy the day, and experience this once in a lifetime moment to its fullest.

- Jerrad

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